Mission Statement

The Technical Committee on Healthcare and Medical Systems (TC-HMS) is one of the recent technical committees within the IEEE Control Systems Society, having been inaugurated on January 1, 2013.  The TC-HMS has broad interests in all themes that involve the use of control concepts in biomedical settings, transcending to include issues relating to control for improving health care delivery, epidemiology, mHealth / mobile technologies, and behavioral health. Among the topics of interest currently pursued by the TC membership are anesthesia modeling and delivery, HIV treatment, stroke rehabilitation, development of assistive devices and therapeutics, diabetes management and the artificial pancreas, analysis of electronic medical records, cancer treatment, treatment of Parkinson’s, electrocardiography, and prevention and treatment of drug abuse.

Becoming a member

IEEE-CSS members interested in joining this TC should send an email message to this effect to TC chair Alexander Medvedev at alexander.medvedev@it.uu.se.